Membership at Sauble Christian Fellowship is not necessary for participating in the church life and family.

Church membership is seen as a covenant relationship that states “I am here and this is the group of God’s people that I am going to actively pursue my journey with”. 
For membership, we simply ask that one would work/dialogue through three things:

    1. Thom S. Rainer’s book, I Am A Church Member (available in the church office, or link below)
    2. Our statements of belief. Nicene Creed, BIC Canada Core Values & Article of Faith
    3. Water baptism as a believer
    4. Entering a covenant relationship

These conversations allow us to determine together whether we are like minded in belief and in purpose.
We want more than anything to walk with people in their own journey to know God, become like Jesus, and change the world.

A discussion starting session is offered at least 3 times a year.