From the beginning of our church, world missions has been the heartbeat.
From day one, 10% of all general donations has gone straight to missions – this is above and beyond any directed missions donations. It is our common practice that well over 15% of our entire church budget is ‘given away’ in support of partnering ministries here in our area and around the globe. This generosity towards God’s work globally will continue to mark us as a church. Below are some of the missional organizations we partner with stretch out our open hands to know God, become like Jesus, and change our world.
Tytoo Canada:  Tytoo Gardens Children’s Foundation, Haiti

Tytoo Gardens Children’s Foundation is located in the village of Simonette on the west coast of Haiti. Residents of Simonette face many challenges: Some children have been orphaned, many parents are unable to adequately provide for their children, babies have been abandoned, many people lack basic healthcare, and seniors are often undernourished and living with disabilities.

Tytoo Gardens began in response to some of these needs when God moved in the heart of our founder, Ed Hughes. Ed’s personal story is of a man changed and transformed from a nightclub builder to one who housed and cared for Haitian children in the name of Jesus.
For many years Tytoo has been a large focus of Sauble Christian Fellowship’s overseas missions focus and continues to be dear to our hearts and supported by many of our people. 
Other partnering ministries:
There are many other great organizations that have been supported through our missions giving.
For example: Lindenwood Ministries, Owen Sound Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Ray Ministries, Salaam, Mission of Hope,  Baptist Mid-Missions, Mennonite Central Committee, School of Grace, Salvation Army Wiarton, YFC Saugeen Shores, Seeds for Liberia, and more!