Worship Services

Our worship services are all about pointing people to Jesus, allowing people to engage in the mystery and wonder of actually spending time in God’s presence.  At both of our Sunday morning services you will experience people passionately worshiping God.

This is our purpose. We are God’s creation made for relationship with Him.  We express this worship through a more contemporary style of music at our 9am service and in a more traditional style at our 11am service.   We hope you’ll feel welcome to join us.

Our ministry includes, but not limited to, music and use of the arts to give praise to our Saviour.  We are doing our best to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and use our gifts and skills to help people engage with where He’s leading.  Like all ministries in our church we aim to help people KNOW GOD, BECOME LIKE JESUS & CHANGE OUR WORLD. 

A quick word about music styles:

We love the fact that our church is blessed with a variety of traditions, backgrounds, and musical tastes – as long as they point to the Lord, we enjoy Him through them.  It’s our prayer that we are focused on Jesus no matter what music we might be blessed with or what elements find their way into our service.  We need to see the creativity of God as we reflect praise back to Him.

For more information:
Worship Ministries Team